On the Power of Thoughts:

…more than any other factor—where you were born, your family, education, genetics or "luck"—the thoughts you carry each breath of every day determine who you are now and who you will become. Your thoughts determine your feelings and actions, program your subconscious, color your reaction to life's events and, in fact, design your future.

On Life-Improving Change:

You cannot develop beyond "what" and "who" you are right now with the same beliefs, habits and emotions that brought you here. Your current way of thinking is like a "mental gravity" that holds you right where you are now. Sheer willpower can not permanently break this force, nor can any "quick fix" strategy. Real, lasting change requires a fundamental shift in your thoughts and values; a change that ultimately means leaving behind who you are right now. Bottom line: if you want to improve your life—your career, relationships, finances, health and happiness—you must improve your thinking!

On Adversity:

The ultimate paradox in climbing (and life) is that "you must be willing to experience failure, if you want to experience success." All personal growth occurs when you look fear in the face and proceed despite pain, discomfort and the great unknown. Unfortunately, we live in a society that increasingly celebrates instant gratification and conformity over discipline and the pursuit of excellence—for many people it is easier to see something at the mall and say "charge it", than it is to see an obstacle and say "charge!" In contrast to this country's great heritage, we are increasingly becoming a nation of wimps.

On Risk:

If your life is ever going to change, you will need to embrace risk. It is no accident that the most successful people—sports heroes, corporate icons, superstar musicians and actors—are liberal risk-takers. Taking risk is to reach beyond your known abilities and "comfort zone", knowing that uncertainty and adversity are part of the process. However, experienced risk takers quickly learn that much of the apparent risk (and danger) is illusion and that in not risking they would have opened themselves up to a greater potential for loss.

On Quick Fixes:

Sadly, we live in a world that dupes people when they are down. Whole industries are based on seducing us with quick fixes to health and fitness, financial, and relationship woes. Marketers spent millions of dollars on flashy ads that feature compelling anecdotal claims; however, the majority of these self-help products are but hollow illusions. Furthermore, pop culture programs us to worship celebrities, buy into fads, and try to "keep up with the Joneses." This, too, is a loser's game, yet most Americans keep on playing. It may be tough for some to swallow, but there are no quick fixes to the big problems in your life.

On Human Achievement:

It's been shown throughout the ages that "powerful thoughts objectify themselves." Consider that every great invention or achievement began as pure thought energy in a human brain and, with human action, was transmuted into a material object or accomplishment. By nature, humans are goal-seeking beings born with the God-given ability to turn creative thoughts into actions and spectacular outcomes. Unfortunately, this innate ability remains dormant in most people...

On Controlling Stress:

High-stress levels are a primary cause of many illnesses including ulcers, hypertension, and cancer, and it is a direct contributor to the pervasiveness of pessimism, cynicism and bad attitudes in our society. Ironically, life's events and situations are not inherently stressful; it is our perception and reaction to these events that creates stress. The control knob to stress is completely in our hands, yet many people literally make themselves sick, sabotage their potential, and poison their relationships with their negative, stressful ways of thinking.

On Time Management:

Managing the minutes and days of our life may be the single most important task we perform because every hour and every day we spend doing something, is a piece of our life we will never get back. I find it tragic that so many people live according to the "Thank God It's Friday" paradigm where they want to burn through five days of life, as fast as possible, so they can get to the weekend. I hope to change the paradigm to "Make the most of this moment—this moment is your life!"

On Physical Fitness:

…your body is the vehicle by which you experience life's pleasures, pursuit all goals, and explore this world of wonder. Ironically, many people take better care of their lawn, house, and cars than they do their body! Nearly a third of the U.S. population is obese and another half is moderately out-of-shape, so it's no wonder many people balk at the first sign of a challenge in their life. The good news is that being overweight and out of shape is primarily a "mental problem." Anyone can improve their health, productivity, and capability to enjoy this world given the knowledge and discipline to execute "dietary surveillance" and a modest fitness program.

On Wealth and Happiness:

Begin born into wealth, inheriting a huge sum of money, or winning the lottery is no guarantee of happiness or a successful life. In fact, the majority of people in the above groups are no better off and no more happy than the rest of the population, and a disproportionate number of them die prematurely due to drugs, alcohol, or some other accident they have brought onto themselves. Therefore, being born into the working class is great place to start your life's adventures. Success and wealth gained through hard work is most appreciated, best handled, and tends to create the most happiness and least problems. And, consider that every one of us has an equal chance to achieve great things in our lifetime. Anything is possible if you spread your mental wings…

On Relationships:

The Mental Wings gold standard is a life filled with loving, passionate relationships that last forever. In your final hours on this planet, you will realize that love is everything and all the rest is pretty much meaningless. Therefore, it is the MW philosophy that every day can be made richer by giving the relationships in your life top priority.

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