1. Quality of life is directly related to quality of thoughts. You can literally think yourself to success or failure, happiness or despair. Since whatever you focus on grows, it's vital to keep mental images and inner dialog constantly positive and productive. Begin a mental diet devoid of any negativity or criticism.
2. Human beings are the embodiment of unused potential. Limitations are largely self-imposed, so don't waste a day settling for less than you can imagine (or expect) for yourself. Creative thinking is a most powerful human endowment—leverage it completely and act on your visions in a measurable way each day.

To outperform the masses, you must do things they don't do. While most people follow the path of least resistance and accept mediocrity at every turn, achieving uncommon success and happiness requires you act in uncommon ways and with uncommon discipline.

4. Clarity of values and goals, and a clear purpose for living form the foundation for a life full of rich, transcending experiences. Most people embrace ordinariness when they fail to set and follow-through on value-based goals and instead let low-value tasks dominate their time. Conversely, clarity of purpose empowers you to act in important ways that produce daily progress toward your overall "mega goal."
5. Risk is a precursor to reward. Experimenting with your life and risking occasional failure is tantamount to guaranteeing uncommon success and reward throughout your lifetime.
6. Almost anything is possible once you conquer fear. While fear of failure, criticism, and embarrassment chains most people to their current existence, you can banish fear and achieve extreme success simply by being completely willing to fail, be criticized, or be embarrassed.
7. Singular focus and indomitable persistence knows no limits. Constant future-oriented action, unbridled creativity, and never-ending pursuit of excellence will yield accomplishment and breakthroughs beyond expectation.
8. Obstacles and adversity make you stronger. Success and personal growth is found on the far side of the obstacles, adversity and apparent failures in your life. Embrace challenges as sterling opportunities for growth and elevating your life.
9. A fit body potentiates a fit mind. Regular exercise and healthful living unlock a higher level of personal performance that many people never experience. Engage in a minimum of three hours of exercise per week and you will feel more vibrant, less stressed, and become more productive.
10. Life is subtle—sweat the small stuff! The big stuff is often beyond your control, whereas the small things you do or don't do on a daily basis determine your direction and destiny. Exercise vigilance in attending to and accomplishing the small but high-value tasks that are so easily crowded out by "urgent" low-value tasks.
11. Your future is largely determined in the brief moment between stimulus and response (in any activity). Free yourself of cultural and experiential programming by turning off the autopilot and taking conscious control of these brief, but crucial, moments of decision.
12. Maintain a dynamic, evolving life process by reinventing yourself from time to time. Begin by reviewing your hierarchy of values, refreshing your goals, and refocusing your actions. Continue your reengineering by eliminating non-productive activities, simplifying your living, and cutting ties to negative people. Do all this and each year will transcend the previous.
13. Enjoy this moment—this moment is your life. Engage your mind and body in everything you do. Seek out challenges that will stretch your current abilities. Explore our world of wonder and live each day with a sense of immense gratitude.
14. Unconditional love is the most powerful force in the universe. Engage liberally in acts of love, compassion, and forgiveness. Possessing any anger, hate, or resentment is a form of self-abuse that will handicap your personal effectiveness and, ultimately, decrease your potential for happiness.
15. In the final analysis, you are mostly self made. Where you are today, who you are, and what you have accomplished (possess or lack) is a result of all your thoughts and decisions up to this point. The future is similarly in your hands. Don't wait for outside forces to "rescue" you (they probably won't)—take action today!

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