Are you looking for a dynamic, entertaining, and inspiring speaker for your company or organization? Would you like your audience to be motivated, energized, and educated on principles of self-efficacy by a renowned rock climber, performance coach, and the founder of the Mental Wings self-development strategies?

Eric J. Hörst's thrilling experiences in the vertical world provide a unique metaphor for the many stressful challenges of the every day, horizontal world! Eric's talks are fast-moving, idea-packed, and immensely practical. Audience members will learn powerful techniques and life strategies that they can apply immediately to enhance productivity at work and increase quality of life. As a student and teacher of personal effectiveness, Eric brings to his audiences a sense of wonder and excitement about life and our human potential. He truly believes that most anything is possible, if you spread your mental wings!

Mental Wings talks are available in 45- to 90-minute keynote format or as half-day interactive seminars. Please inquire about rates and availability.

Mental Wings techniques and other life-elevating strategies for uncommon success and happiness!

  • Learn how to elevate your life from “ordinary” to “extraordinary” by spreading your “mental wings.”
  • Learn the single most powerful secret to outperforming the masses as well as the three “star qualities” of all peak performers.
  • Learn why you must “sweat the small stuff” and why, most of the time, it’s best to simply “accept the big stuff” and move on.
  • Learn the powerful Mental Wings goal-setting protocol and why it is far more effective than any other goal setting method.
  • Learn the importance of “gap analysis” and a “not to do list” in effectively pursuing your “personal Mount Everest.”
  • Learn how a fit body multiplies the power of your mind and what you need to do to elicit this incredible mind-body “success synergy.”
  • Learn the importance of becoming a “personal spin doctor” and how you can best manage and benefit from the unavoidable “unpleasant events” take sometimes occur.
  • Learn about the “success paradox”—that is, why you must be completely willing to fail in order to succeed.
  • Learn why obstacles and adversity make you stronger and how they can be used to catapult you toward uncommon success.
  • Learn ways of programming your subconscious mind to attract “luck”, unlock untapped powers and resources, and enable major life-breakthroughs.
  • Learn how to take command of your “mind-body-emotion dialog” to increase personal effectiveness in anything.
  • Learn how the media, corporate advertising, and pop culture combine to form a “anti-success gravity” that can prevent you from achieving major life breakthroughs and, in fact, perpetuate status quo. Learn how to break free from this gravity and ascend to a new level of living and happiness.

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